vigne vendanges vignoble vin(66) Pyrénées-Orientales Banyuls sur Mer en automne
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Participate in a winegrower's aperitifAn unmissable experience in the vineyard

Participate in a winegrower’s aperitif

In Banyuls since Saturday and for a week of vacations, we have learned that the Tourist Office organizes every Monday (from April to November) “aperitifs vignerons”. Wine lovers, but not really connoisseurs, we say to ourselves “why not”, it will be perhaps the occasion to learn interesting things and even to meet people! See you on Monday at 6 pm at the Madeloc Cellar. We will be there!

A tantalizing program

We arrive a little late (that’s okay, it’s the vacations!), and see a small group already formed. Phew, it hasn’t started. We are welcomed by a person from the Tourist Office who explains what awaits us. On the program: visit of the cellar then presentation of the Domain and – the moment we all wait for – the tasting.

Why is it magic?

Tasting in the heart of the vineyard
A moment out of time
The opportunity to leave with a bottle of Banyuls

Olive oil tastings…

The evening begins with a little history of the cellar, it’s very interesting and it allows to realize the work that there is behind each bottle that we open! The olive grower of Banyuls (Olivier Borrat – Les Oliveraies de la Baillaury) is also present to make us discover his products based on olive oil. By the way, we start with the olive oil tastings and olivades so as not to overload our palate. We had never done an olive oil tasting, it’s really a first, and well I must say it’s really something to experience, surprising!

And food and wine pairings!

We then move on to the food and wine pairings (as a caterer is also on site, he also prepared appetizers made with local products, including Olivier’s products). So tastings of different Banyuls and Collioure wines (in a precise order), while learning about the subtleties between each wine as well as little cooking tips and other recipe ideas to reproduce at home. The moment is friendly, enriching and in a relaxed atmosphere, a moment out of time where we feel welcomed by Banyuls! We take advantage of it to exchange with the other participants and the present persons to plan the activities not to miss during our vacations, it is perfect!

As the winegrower’s aperitif is slowly ending, we take the opportunity to take a few bottles and make our friends discover these so particular wines, once back home.
It is almost 8 pm, it is the moment to find a small table in terrace in edge of sea to prolong the evening. In any case it is sure: we will do again at least another tasting in the week (there is no lack of cellars in Banyuls), with moderation, of course.

We tell you everything!

How to live this experience?