Bicycleta Banyuls 00969Bicycleta Banyuls 00969
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Climb the Madeloc Tower by electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bike to Madeloc

To go up to the Madeloc Tower (alt. 680m) by bike from Banyuls, without being a great sportsman, it is possible!
You don’t need to have your own bike : you can rent one in Banyuls-sur-Mer ! We just take a small backpack, a bottle of water and some sun cream.

Objective: Tour Madeloc!

Let’s meet in the early morning at Bicycleta, at 12 rue Lapérouse in Banyuls. We arrive a little early and Leanna is already there, preparing the bikes. I realize I’ve never ridden an electric bike before, but hey, I know how to ride a bike, so it should be fine… [Spoiler alert: yes, it will be fine!]
We are part of a small group (7 people in total): the atmosphere is already good!
Leanna’s briefing before the start about the safety rules, and especially about the functioning of the bikes, the opportunity to try the settings on the square, in this quiet street.

In the great outdoors, effortlessly

Here we go for a morning in the middle of nature. We leave Banyuls rather quickly to find ourselves in the nature, the kilometers and the difference in altitude go down, almost without effort (it is still necessary to pedal, we are not on the solex of our grandparents), but we feel that the electric assistance plays its role fully. Along the route, a friend from Banyuls comments the landscape, very interesting little explanations about the environment and the history, always in a relaxed atmosphere. There are vineyards as far as the eye can see, and as we go up, the landscapes are constantly changing, evolving, and above all, we see our objective – the Madeloc Tower – approaching!

Why it’s magic

Accessible to all

The electric assistance really changes everything!

In complete safety

There is almost no traffic on the road we are taking!

A panorama on all Banyuls

Nothing to add, it is so beautiful!

We’re getting a lot of eye candy!

More than a few meters to pedal under a blazing sun and we are there! What a view, a real 360°, we really take full eyes, Banyuls in very small: “we really did all this by bike?”. I am sure that with my old classic bike, that would have been much more… complicated! A little moment of relaxation, it’s windy up there, it feels good, everyone was getting hot! A few pictures and a big breath of fresh air later, it’s already time to go back down…

The descent, at a different pace!

Here, it’s a different story: a different route at a faster speed, almost without pedaling. We stop at the hunters’ fountain to fill our water bottles: a bit of fresh water feels good! We continue our journey to arrive at the end of the morning in Banyuls, at the starting point, it is past noon. It was really a superb experience, to do again! The next time, we shall try another circuit, always with Lionel.

Despite the electric assistance, it’s still a sport! Don’t forget your sportswear, your backpack and your water bottle. The sun is heating up in Banyuls!

We tell you everything!

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