Randonnées sur les sentiers de Banyuls sur merRandonnées sur les sentiers de Banyuls sur mer
©Randonnées sur les sentiers de Banyuls sur mer|Laurent Lacombe
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Paths to take

Take a deep breath. Lovers of wide open spaces, Banyuls-sur-Mer is the ideal playground for you. Be at one with a preserved nature by discovering the territory on foot, on horseback, by bike, or even by swimming… On the land side : let yourself be surprised by the breathtaking panoramas during hikes along the coast or in the hinterland. On the sea side: when you set sail, you will understand why the Côte Vermeille is called that way. Trust us… you will be amazed !

A rich hinterland

in hiking trails and gourmet walks

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner, Banyuls is full of possibilities for walking through the exceptional landscapes of the Pyrenees mountain range as it juts out into the sea (difference in altitude from 0 to nearly 1000 meters).

Whether on foot, horseback or mountain bike, you will follow fragrant paths lined with unforgettable views through vineyards, olive groves, small hamlets, streams, oak forests…

A guide to all the hiking trails is available at the Tourist Office. You can also download the Geotrek application which resents a part of our hikes and makes you discover the Côte Vermeille and the territory of the Albères.

A unique fauna and flora

Coastal Trail: you can find an endemic plant polycarp of Catalonia (fat plant), armeria (pink flower), shaggy thyme (small yellow flower), thyme, rosemary, tree mallow

Hinterland: prickly pear cactus, garter snakes, wild boar (late day or early morning), deer, red partridge, salamanders, green lizard. Wild peonies (between the pass of Banyuls and Sailfort).


Next we will tell you about the stone towers dotted throughout Banyuls. What are they for, who built them, which paths to take to admire them up close? You will know everything!

Madeloc Sunrise Hike (5)

Our must-haves

Survey the Mediterranean coast

Banyuls sur mer offers you many possibilities for superb hikes. First of all, it is the starting and finishing point of the GR 10, a mythical path crossing the Pyrenees and linking the Mediterranean to the ocean. There are also many links on this path that will allow you to access other peaks with panoramic views of the hinterland and the coast such as the Madeloc Tower, the Col de Banyuls or the Chapelle de la Salette.

In practice

Advice on how to make the most of it!

Safety tips

– Never leave alone and inform as many people as possible of your itinerary.
– Check the weather forecast before leaving (08 92 68 02 66 or 32 50 or www.meteofrance.com).
– Avoid straying from the marked trails.
– Be extra vigilant with children.
– Rescue : call 112 (European emergency number) or 18 (fire department). Dial the same numbers to report a fire. Fire is a real danger: never make a fire in the forest, do not smoke, do not throw matches or cigarette butts.
– Think about the hunting periods : ask the Town Hall or the Tourist Office.

Practical advice

– Remember to wear good shoes, avoid shoes with smooth soles and espadrilles…
– Pack a bottle of water, some food, a cap or hat and sun cream and sunglasses, including for half-day hikes.
– Outside of the summer months, bring warm clothes, a raincoat or windbreaker.
– Also remember to bring a first aid kit with small medical supplies.
– Walk at your own pace, take several breaks, eat and drink.
– Respect nature and flowers as well as the refuges or “casots”.
– bring back your waste! Do not throw toilet paper or empty bottles on the trails, they pollute our environment.
– Keep your dogs on a leash whenever possible.

More facets

Banyuls, full of surprises

There is more to Banyuls than hiking! Discover our water activities to refresh yourself, our rich architecture and history, our gourmet local products, and the gentle Catalan way of life.