88849118 - petanque  balls on the field with nobody.88849118 - petanque balls on the field with nobody.
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Watching the petanque players

at Clos La Phine and take part in the game!

On the edge of the beach with a view of the sea, on the pretty sunny ground of the Clos La Phine with its small corners of shade, every day, the petanque players of the Cru Banyuls meet between friends or impassioned to play and dispute some parts and to play the aperitif! Under the eyes of passers-by. Come and admire the passion of these players, the beauty of the gesture, the precision of the shots and the point.

Live a Southern experience

Be a part of the team spirit, strategies and desire to win. More of a pointer or shooter, want to discover this sport, train or improve your skills? So get your balls! Join us as you are on the field to share a friendly moment.

At the point to get closer to the jack to win the point; at the shot, to break the point of the opponent and allow your team to win the lead.

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Open to all, licensed or not, with your equipment. Closed shoes preferred and a cap to not be dazzled by the sun.
The refreshment bar of the petanque club will allow you to refresh yourself throughout the games.
Don’t miss the summer competitions at night or during the day in mixed teams.

The major competitions of the summer will be communicated soon.

Everyone is welcome!

You will learn how to have the right gesture or perfect it, choose the right strategy and have the goal of winning each game in 13 points or 11 points in competition. Whether you are a spectator or a player, shooting with iron, jumping, corking, making a bottle, a beak, leading the cork will have no secret for you and so you will avoid maybe (the) FANNY !