Balade en paddle 2Balade en paddle 2
©Balade en paddle 2|Laurent Lacombe
Stand'Up PaddleA fun and sportive nautical experience!

Paddle ride

You don’t need to be an exceptional sportsman to practice stand up paddle (SUP)! You can try it with your family, with friends and even solo for the most intrepid.

Expect adrenaline rushes and maybe a few dives for those with the least balance!

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the feeling of well-being and freedom that you get once you’re on the board and paddle through the landscape!

A true encounter with nature that will surely allow you to fully recharge your batteries.

Easy grip

Want to taste the pleasure of gliding on the water, along the Côte Vermeille? Stand’up Paddle is within everyone’s reach!

Above all, you have to be relaxed and tell yourself that you’re going to have a good time, even if this big board may seem a bit scary for the uninitiated!

Don’t panic: the start is done sitting down, then you get on your knees before getting up completely (when you feel it!) and handling the paddle. The little trick is to stay in the middle of the board and to look far ahead !

No need to acquire great techniques, nor to go through repeated falls before having the feeling of mastering.

After a couple of minutes, you start to stand up, look at the landscape, and feel free! Standing on your board, you will be able to admire the beach on one side, the cliffs on the other… Take a deep breath: what a pleasure to be here!

Why is it magic?

Quick to get started
A moment out of time
Accessible to young and old alike

A unique sensation

Here we go, you slide on the water as if you had always done that (or almost…)! To your left, the beaches of Banyuls, white and shiny under the sun. The cries of the children playing, the heat of the sun on your neck (be careful to bring some cream!), the coolness of the water under your feet. And on the right…the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see! Colorful fish play under your feet (to learn more about them, go to the Aquarium!), you are alone in the world, in perfect harmony with nature.

A Stand’Up Paddle ride in Banyuls is just that! A unique moment, out of time, where you become one with the sea!

Rental on central beach and Elmes beach, a sport accessible to everyone!

We tell you everything!

How to live this experience?

Who can paddleboard?

Anyone! You just need to be able to hold the paddle and paddle a minimum.

Is it complicated to paddle?

No, the grip is quick, you just have to find your balance. In a few minutes, we already have fun! The less reckless can stay on their knees and enjoy just as much.

What equipment to paddle

Provide sunscreen for the reverberation of the water, sunglasses, a hat and water for the return to the beach!