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Citizen consultation

The commune has begun a reflection on the use of public lighting.
This reflection, many communities and public bodies have engaged, so true is it that light pollution has harmful impacts on:

1. Biodiversity: light pollution is the second cause of mortality in insects. It leads to the disorientation of nocturnal birds and bats and breaks the natural alternation of day and night necessary for life;
2. On human health (sleep, vision …);
3. On the energy resource and expenses of the city!
The city wants to involve you in this reflection so do not hesitate to participate in the second citizen consultation.

Published on 3 May 2022

The second consultation has been underway since Sunday, May 1 and is on the topic.
“Street lighting: to dim or not to dim?”


You can view the results of the consultations on the Vooter app or by clicking here

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