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Urbanism authorizations

Online deposit

From now on, a user will be able to submit his or her request for planning permission online, at any time and wherever he or she is, in a simplified process and at no cost.

The online submission and processing of all requests for planning permission is a response to the challenges of simplifying and modernizing public services, at a time when the vast majority of services are accessible online. It is part of an approach aimed at improving the quality of public services and modernizing public action while controlling expenses and optimizing resources.

The Commune of Banyuls-sur-Mer is therefore able to receive electronically the requests for town planning permission.

This is a major transformation for which your town planning department has prepared itself, in particular by training its staff.

The benefits of dematerialization are multiple for users or professionals:
– a saving of time, and the possibility to file online, at any time and wherever you are, in a simplified process,
– a more economical and ecological approach, and savings on the reprography of documents in several copies or the postage of registered mail,
– more transparency on the progress of your application, at each stage of the process, which you can follow directly.