Harbour of the local riches

Drop your anchor in Banyuls!

Through a joint action of the harbour, the municipality and the Tourist Office, together focusing on sustainable and harmonious territorial development, the harbour of Banyuls is also oriented towards the riches of the hinterland, especially through the project called "Port des Terroirs, Comptoir Culturel” (Harbour of the Local Riches, Cultural Showcase) which was launched in 2006 by the “Union des Villes Portuaires du Languedoc-Roussillon” (the Union of the Harbour Cities of the Languedoc-Roussillon).

Together with other harbour cities of the Mediterranean, this project aims to develop an itinerary of cultural outlets and offers many possibilities to discover the history of the waterways.
In addition, since 23rd June 2008, Banyuls is proud to be the first “Odysséa city”. This European program complements the “Harbour of the local riches” also drawing on the historical and cultural role of the harbour to connect the sea, the city and the vineyards of the hinterland.

How does it work: routes have been built linking the harbour to the hinterland, which are punctuated with kiosks equipped  with multimedia content, that give you the key to better understand the riches of the region.

Our technical staff and the staff of the Harbour Master's Office will welcome you and remain at your service throughout your stay.

But beware: the Port is limited to 70 seasonal places. So remember to make your reservations early!

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