The region’s local riches

Wine lovers, gourmets, Banyuls is the ideal destination for your gourmet getaways!

Here you'll find a landscape shaped by low schist walls.

In the heart of the Catalan land, the particularity of the vineyards of Banyuls will surprise you. Handcraft shaped and maintained since the fifth century BC, you'll find more than 6,000 km of schist stone walls that support the terraces leading down to the Mediterranean.
From a distance, you can see from the green hills the drawings "peus de gall" (rooster feet) - an ingenious system of dry stone channels, initiated by the Templars, to evacuate water after storms, rare but violent.

A very particular region, and men of character.

An unusual geography that precludes any possibility of mechanisation and automation in the culture of the vine, which gives the wines of Banyuls all their strength, their character and their preciousness. This laborious work that vintners for centuries perpetuate is recompensated by unique flavours, sun-soaked and of aromatic intensity.
On these hills of steep slopes (up to 500 meters), the winemakers work the vines manually (with an average age of fourty years, on poor soil) offering them 20-30 hectoliters per hectare, or less than a bottle per vine.

Discover the portraits of our winemakers

Pursuant to the Act of 8th January 1993 on the protection and enhancement of the landscapes, this typical region received the label "Paysage de Reconquête" (regained landscape) which is awarded to outstanding sites undergoing economic activities.

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