Beaches and coves

  • Central beach  Banyuls
    Central beach © OT
  • Beach "Les Elmes"  Banyuls
    Beach "Les Elmes" © OT
  • Beach "Centre Hélio Marin"  Banyuls
    Beach "Centre Hélio Marin" © P. Klein
  • Cove "Troc Pineil"  Banyuls
    Cove "Troc Pineil" © OT
  • Cove Taillelauque Banyuls
    Cove Taillelauque © OT
  • Cove  Tancade 1 Banyuls
    Cove Tancade 1 © OT
  • Cove Tancade 2 Banyuls
    Cove Tancade 2 © OT

Banyuls offers you various beautiful beaches and coves sheltered from the winds for bathing or just for faineance.

The Central beaches, "Les Elmes" and the beach at the "Centre Hélio Marin" (also called Sana) are under surveillance for swimming in summer and the cove "le Troc Pineil" lies in the Marine Reserve Cerbère-Banyuls, a paradise for divers. 

Continuing along the coastal path (commonly known as "le sentier du littoral"), you will follow along this beautiful wild coast, two other small coves - "Taillelauque" and "Tancade" - real gems with crystal clear water.

Find out all about the wonderful "sentier du littoral" (from Argelès to Cerbère) with its countless and beautiful coves, but also other walks and hiking trails on topographic maps for sale at the Tourist Office.

Safety Tips:

- Try not to travel alone and inform your family about your itinerary;

- Check the weather forecast before leaving: 32 50 (local number) or on Météo France ;

- Avoid to leave the marked trail of the "sentier littoral" (cliffs nearby);

- Be twice as vigilant when with children;

- Never make a fire in the forests, on the trail of the "sentier littoral" or in the coves; do not smoke, do not throw away cigarette butts nor matches.

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