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  • Sardana (Catalan dance) Banyuls
    Sardana (Catalan dance)
  • Catalan flag Banyuls
    Catalan flag
  • Chapel "Notre Dame de la Salette »Banyuls
    Chapel "Notre Dame de la Salette"

A rich and preserved heritage

Nourished and raised by the purest of Catalan traditions, at the crossroads of France and Spain, the city has managed to preserve its rich historical, cultural, natural and artistic heritage.

Templars, fishermen, smugglers, Spanish refugees,... so many traces of history which Banyuls has preserved. Today, it offers you a strong testimony of a turbulent past, including its architectural monuments (chapels, watchtowers ...).

The beauty and diversity of the countryside of Banyuls, but also its incomparable luminosity have always been a source of inspiration for artists from the region and elsewhere. 
One of its emblems: Aristide Maillol, painter and sculptor born in Banyuls and of international renown.

In the quiet of the countryside, a museum pays tribute to him in the house where he lived as of 1910. Many of his works are exhibited in the city, amongst others, one of his greatest achievements: a pacifist war memorial.

Today Banyuls still continues to inspire artists who have installed their workshops along the harbour, and will gladly open the doors to show you their passion.

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